15 May 2012

Íñigo Martínez, Tito Vilanova list

Íñigo Martínez is another candidate to reinforce the rear of the Barça. For his youth, his remarkable quality with the ball, his seriousness and his status as defensive center left-handed, the squad of la Real Sociedad meets the needs that are probing the technical squad. Starting with Tito Vilanova, as has been told that MD does while still with anticipation and interest the evolution of this emerging player who turns 21 on Thursday.

Although barely covered a Premier League season, truncated in its final stretch with an injury in Barca technical reports consist of Martinez for four years. Moreover, this season, coaching staff culés, including Juan Carlos Pérez Rojo, have seen first hand that Íñigo Martínez has a promising career ahead, confirming the taste of Vilanova.

Barça coaches handle various names according to each position to be reinforced. Today the priority is more backward than forward. And in the ranking of preferences, the names have been clear from the beginning.

The ideal has always been Thiago Silva, but Milan has convinced him that he will be the twenty-first century Baresi, so the Brazilian has already said he will remain in San Siro. Javi Martínez is also the same height as Thiago Silva, with the bonus that is midfield and defense in a player, but his problem is that of Brazil: for it is an emblem Athletic and everyone who asks he refers his buyout clause of 40 million euros.

Íñigo Martínez would be a sensible option market. This defender is another talented player who is giving the last batch of the cantera realista. The club Guipuzcoan, which is turning the corner economically, wants to build his future with the ancient foundations that have made it big, that is, with people in the house. Translated, that means that while the era of glittering signings has passed, the intention is to keep their pearls.

Íñigo Martínez belongs to that select group chosen and why is shielded with a long contract, which expires in 2015 and whose termination clause amounts to 30 million euros. La Real officially transmitted output does not negotiate, but to be seen how he responds to a good deal.

What is clear is that in the low Éric Abidal and the recent operation of Carles Puyol, Barça concentrated most of its efforts in the defense market. There, Íñigo Martínez is another name that is underlined in red.

Íñigo Martínez's potential has not gone unnoticed by the Real Madrid that even before the center will be released in the Liga and moved to la Real bid for him and midfielder Rubén Pardo, the 'new Xabi Alonso'. (via MD)