10 May 2012

In Germany 'hunt' to Barça following Mario Götze

Six times he spied revealed Sport Bild.

Up to six times Barça spied on Mario Götze (03/06/1992) in their matches this season with Borussia Dortmund, as unveiled Sport Bild.

The young German talent, capped twice at senior aged 19, is one of the Barça players would control for the summer. An attacking midfielder, according to some sources, like much in the azulgrana technical secretary.

Götze, which has been 64 official matches with Dortmund and has participated in two Bundesliga titles, is a means to an exquisite individual technique, good control of the ball, falls into two bands, shows a huge vision and is a good assistant. No less than 19 in two seasons of the three leading his team of a lifetime. In the first season he played just five games.

Barça take time following him. It was not the only club. Real Madrid, Chelsea and Arsenal have also been very aware of its progression. So much so that his policy in an attempt to disable any interest, he proposed the renewal of his contract until 2016, increasing form 2.5 million to 4. The shield has not stopped to be priced. His agent has already warned that costs a minimum of 25 million euros.

His position is not a priority for the Barça. Looking at the Camp Nou two defenders (one central and left side) and a forward type Adrián of Atletico. However, they sense that the midfield will leave some gaps, progress or Keita offering that may be reached by Thiago, and prefer to be prevented. (via MD)