11 May 2012

Imminent contact with Jordi Alba

The international player Jordi Alba and its surroundings have confirmed the imminent contact with emissaries of Barça.

The possible move of Jordi Alba to Barça is reactivated. This is at least what can be deduced from information published on Thursday 'Superdeporte'. The daily claimed that Levantine player agents have warned the directors of Valencia on Barça intention to open direct negotiations and submit a formal offer for the international player.

For months, we have regularly warned about the agreement reached earlier this year Barça and Jordi Alba to anchor in the club blaugrana from next season. Everything was contingent on player agents agree on a reasonable asking price for all games. This figure still not be closed and there lies the big problem.

Superdeporte also notes the intention of Valencia to not accept deep cuts on the current buyout clause set at 25 million. Alba is true that contract ends in 2013 and therefore the pressure of the last contract year starting price should be lower to prevent the player to fulfill its commitment and the club was left without reward.

Alba has not finalized the renewal 'special' trading in a while. The new contract provided for an economic improvement for this season and a specific amount to open the doors to the Barça. The failed negotiations require that Barça and Valencia begin the usual contacts to find a final agreement.

By the way, and to cover himself, the president of Valencia, Manuel Llorente, has not been shy in filter that Alba is essential part in the project's future sports ché. A common tactic for the most expensive of its international value. The truth is that Valencia for weeks that tracks the international market looking for a left back because they see Alba Blaugrana. (via SPORT)