09 May 2012

Guardiola visited Abidal in the hospital before training

After the intense and emotional derby against Espanyol and before returning yesterday afternoon to training, Pep Guardiola in the morning went to the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona to visit Eric Abidal.

It is the second time the azulgrana coach even comes close to the hospital to inquire about the side since last April 10 was subjected to a liver transplant because of a liver tumor.

Not surprisingly, doctors have restricted visits. Besides his family and the core of doctors who are attending, very few people have seen the player. Among them, Pep and Henry, who took a trip to Barcelona to be with his close friend.

The French international is recovering from an operation that kept him in the operating room for over ten hours. "Both Abidal as his cousin, who donated part of his liver, developing well," said the president Sandro Rosell hours after surgery.

It was the only information that was provided to the media. At the express wish of the player's family, recovery and development is being silently from the start.

Hayet Abidal, his wife, in a text published on the website of 'facebook' player, said: "Eric wants to thank all messages received. Your support and all the strength that have handed down. Thank you." His agent, David Venditelli, who also visited him days later revealed that the news received so far were encouraging.

All his fellow of wardrobe will have sent messages of support during these days and in the Camp Nou, each Match 22 minutes, the Barcelona fans remember him with applause. (via MD)