07 May 2012

Guardiola, surrounded by his family, bids farewell to the Camp Nou

Guardiola, accompanied by his family and close friends, returned to the Camp Nou’s pitch after the supporters had left to say his final goodbye.

Last night’s emotional sendoff won’t be forgotten by Pep Guardiola any time soon. His home, his people, his supporters paid tribute to the outgoing manager in his last match at the Camp Nou. After the crowds had left the stadium and most of the lights had been turned off, Guardiola returned to the Camp Nou’s pitch. Accompanied by his partner and his three children, the manager repeated the ritual he started in 2001, when he said goodbye to the Club as a player. His partner and his parents stood by his side 11 years ago.

After spending a couple of minutes on the pitch, he went to the Camp Nou’s bench with his children, as time went on family members and close friends slowly gathered around the manager to offer their support. Just before Guardiola and his entourage left the stadium, they posed for one last picture at the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.com)