03 May 2012

Guardiola: "We’ve been very consistent for a long time, this is our greatest achievement"

The Barça manager said that he’s proud of the way his team have maintained match-tension game after game even after “the Liga has been lost.”

Guardiola thanked the Barça fans, who gave the manager a standing ovation this Wednesday, for the support they have given him over the years.

Josep Guardiola said that FC Barcelona’s biggest accomplishment over the past four years is that very little blame can be laid on the team: “people aren’t dumb. They can’t blame the team if they see that the team works hard. Our biggest accomplishment over the years is that very little can be blamed on the team. Barça have always tried [to win].” The Barça manager extended his argument to the records his team have broken: “we’ve been very consistent for a long time ... this is the greatest goal we’ve achieved.”

Guardiola said that he’s proud of the way his players played against Málaga this evening at the Camp Nou: “it’s never easy to maintain the tension when the Liga is lost. We played a good game once agian, the supporters enjoyed it. Now we have to play the last two remaining games, and then we have the big objective of winning the King’s Cup.”

This Wednesday was Guardiola’s second to last match at the Camp Nou as FC Barcelona’s manager. That’s why, multiple times during the match, the public dedicated standing ovations to the manager as recognition of his work on the bench. Guardiola thanked the Barça supporters for their gesture “from the bottom of my heart.” He added: “I’ve enjoyed my life during the years here, they [the supporters] have always treated me very well.”

Guardiola praised the team’s future manager, Tito Vilanova: “he’s a fantastic person and he has every capacity [to do a good job]. He’s intuitive, he knows the Club since he was a child, and he’s been here for years. With the Club and team’s help, I’m sure that he’ll succeed. He’ll prove that he’s a good manager.”

After congratulating Real Madrid for their run in La Liga and stating that Los Blancos are “just champions,” the Barça manager said that “a lot of things happened this year that have been hidden because of our silence, but they happened nonetheless.

“We were at a 13-point disadvantage at one point and there’s not that big a difference between the two teams,” he said. He added, “the league is a very long competition, the team that wins deserves it.” On the penalties that were called for Barça this Wednesday, Guardiola said: “they called two penalties for us, we don’t need them now, it’s a bit late. When we had to get the job done, we went 10 points behind.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)