24 May 2012

Guardiola bet on the best team

The coach has very little doubt about the side that must win the title was number fourteen of Pep.

Barça is used to playing finals, but not play tomorrow which is still important. There are many reasons that prevent relaxation in the computer, in turn, imposed to the last drop of blood to win the title was number fourteen of Pep Guardiola. Santpedor coach leaves, but before the last has yet to make eleven, attending his last two press conferences and, if need be, to be blanketed by its staff. All that is left to the coach.

His players will stay. Not all, but most do. For those who do not will be a last service to the shield, but it can be a coach. There are two ways to leave and, although none of them will change nothing lived, winning the Cup would leave a taste sweeter than do the opposite. Pep is aware of this and will not deviate one iota from the path taken so far. It is not disputed or how to play or the like. Barça will go on the attack, the more goals to do better and imposed from the first minute to its rival. All this will make the team than Santpedor considered harder to measure the set of Marcelo Bielsa.

Considering that during training has proven the back four, it seems unlikely to be present at the Vicente Calderón with three back. Moreover, the impossibility of alienating Dani Alves, injured, gives you less options for it. Its position in the field will be occupied by Martin Montoya. Al has not Viladecans pulse trembled whenever he has supplied and fulfilled by the weight. The canterano is a physical marvel and similarities, keeping the distances gives the age and experience, many with the Brazilian. Touch as little as possible the starting rate is to change piece by piece and in this case, the guarantees are full. Pinto has exclusive place in goal. This has been explained that I have always wondered why Guardiola and they also understood Víctor Valdés believes that the Port de Santamaria is the right man for this match. The Andalusian goalkeeper has played everything in this competition and know what is earned. It was Pinto who did it, to be key in 2009, also against Athletic.

The defense, in addition to the presence of Montoya, would be formed by Piqué, Mascherano and Adriano. The low of Puyol, Fontàs and Abidal not lead to doubt or speculation. In addition to the reliability of Mascherano and Adriano, Piqué has the possibility of ending the season with good feelings. This week, at a press conference, said she makes the team better note to himself and to the Athletic can raise. If Gerard gives his best football, the title is a little closer to Barça. (via SPORT)