24 May 2012

Guardiola and Vilanova seek Copa del Rey final perfect

At his last big game together, Guardiola and Vilanova design their tactics trying to stop a grand finale to remember.

1. Much more ball possession than the opponent, who also wants
Barça always wants the ball, but Athletic Bilbao also intends to own it. So tomorrow's game staged a relentless struggle for the ball.

Barça makes the possession of the ball a security attack and wear the opponent, but also insurance against risks. Because while you have the ball does not have the opponent and can attack and hurt him.

The logic is that tomorrow, on the lawn of Calderón, Barça have the ball over Athletic, but it would be very important to minimize the Basque possession for its 'players' De Marcos, Susaeta, Herrera and Muniain not have too many options to create danger.

But in addition to having the ball must finish the plays. Barça has sinned in some games of not completing their attacks and now a slogan is trying to end every possession inside-half with a pass or shot.

2. Remove the ball played from the back to lengthen the Athletic
In the final between Barça and Athletic de 2009, Guardiola asked to bring forth Piqué and Puyol played the ball from the baseline, glued to Pinto. It was a tactic that caused more than a tachycardia between the culés, but which served to create open spaces and gaps in the defense system raised that day by Joaquín Caparrós. And is that the Athletic forwards pressured the central hollow culés and left behind for 'toilets' azulgrana.

Now, before a press Athletic much above tactics will also result in part because they bite and leave spaces behind them. Bielsa Athletic aggression is similar to that of Caparros, faithful to the historical label of 'lions', even begin to defend far more away from their own goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz. Breaking the first line of pressure-cleaned Barça-Athletic, a clásico.

3. Drives ball to overcome the man marking
The arrival of Bielsa Athletic has led many of his players to man mark the rivals. The matches of the Basques against Barça have left images revealing that each of the Athletic players and the front half 'encimaba' a ​​couple of Barca and always jump to push him receiving a ball.

The best antidote is dribbling to your score, break the dam and create superiority in other areas to advance the ball. For that, Piqué, Busquets, Iniesta and Xavi will be key at Barça.

4. Leverage strategy
A final Guardiola has never frightened or Villanova to pull the board. In the final of the Champions League at Wembley in 2010, a lack of laboratory was about to end up in Pedro's goal against Manchester. Depending on the difficulty of the game, any action set pieces can decide the final.

So we will be with the five senses to exploit the faults near the area, the direct and indirect, always dangerous with the addition of Piqué and Busquets. The same is true of the corners, which this season have taken much less shorter than other years.

5. Corners and misdemeanors cercadel area, not
Marcelo Bielsa has enhanced the Athletic touch football, but has not neglected at all of the historical virtues of this team, which has always enjoyed the game live and pieces. The experience of the end of 2009 is shown. Toquero scored the 1-0 in that final to take a leap ahead in the corner with a header that beat rogue Pinto.

The stature and good arrival of Llorente and Javi Martinez Amorebieta technicians invite culés to ask his players to avoid as much as possible to give corners and near misses to the area. This year in the league, also Llorente scored with a header. (via MD)