01 May 2012

Guardiola 150 games in the league meet on Wednesday against Málaga

Wednesday's match against Málaga at the Camp Nou, the first of the last three remaining to complete la Liga, shall be 150 coach who runs the competition from the first team.

Throughout these still 149 games in the regular competition, FC Barcelona 76.5% of total wins and only 7.4% of losses.

In the Camp Nou against Málaga is where Josep Guardiola will reach the 150 games in the league since he took over the bench the first team of FC Barcelona. One thing to remember more of the many Santpedor than on a bright stage will be completed by the end of the season. In the specific case of the regular competition, Guardiola added a total of 152 commitments, remain ahead of games against Malaga, Espanyol and Betis.

Guardiola ends his time as Barca coach at the fourth position of the more coaches league games club history, behind only Johan Cruyff (306), Marinus Michels (204), and Frank Rijkaard (190). A competition, la Liga, that the club has risen in three of the last four seasons, three with many points (87, 99 and 96). Throughout these still 149 games in the regular competition, the numbers of first team have been spectacular.

And is that Guardiola FC Barcelona, taking into account the 149 games played so far, amounts to some spectacular rates: 76.5% of wins, draws 16.1% and only 7.4% of losses. The figures in terms of goals are also printing: 402 for, for only 106 against. In short, some statistics that place it very highly compared to the Cruyff, Michels and Rijkaard. Only in the number of wins, for example, have a percentage of 59.8%, 51.4% and 59% respectively. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

These would be the data of the three other technical, more in detail:

Johan Cruyff: winning 59.8%, 22.5% and 17.6 draws defeats.

Marinus Michels: 51.4% of wins, draws and 25.5 to 23% of losses.

Frank Rijkaard: 59% of wins, draws 23.6% and 17.3% of losses.