02 May 2012

Gerd Müller: "It's a honor that Messi overcomes me"

With his two goals to Ray, Messi already has 65 this season with the club and appears to only 2 points of the European record held by Gerd Müller, listed as the current record holder attributed 67 points with Bayern in the year 1972-73.

According to Argentine media, worldwide sends the Scottish-born American Archie Stark, author of 70 goals with the now-defunct Bethlehem Steel (AL) during 1924-25, Stark managed 67 goals in 44 league games and another 3 in two games of the League Cup.

It cannot stop the time. The records are made to be beaten, it doesn't stop to be eternal. And I don't find it not well at all that it is Messi who snatches me my record, it is a honor", Gerd assures Müller in exclusive declarations to MD.

At 66 his health is going through a delicate moment, but the legendary former Bavarian forward agreed to talk to Leo, "a great player, I admire"

For the very 'Torpedo', his record is 67 goals in 55 games made ​​(33 of Bundesliga, 6 European Cup, 5 Cup and 5 League Cup) Müller marked 36 goals league, 7 butler 12 mainland and 12 in the League Cup.

Notably, although the latter event was sponsored by the German Federation, in its legal name has the initials of this, DFB-some sources give only an informal and emphasize that according to UEFA, Gerd had 11 goals in European Cup '72-73 and those 12 included in most documents.

Also in the chronicle of MD Party rooms back against Ajax, Müller is listed as author of two goals from Bayern (2-1), meanwhile UEFA gives the first as a goal by Krol.

"If Messi gets score 68 goals, I will be the first to congratulate you because it will have been reached that level," says Gerd Müller, assistant coach of Bayern II.

The 'Torpedo', which established their historical record with 27 years and nearly 8 decades ago, not to praise Leo. "It is technically superb and perfect with the ball. It is also a footballer despite being great does not act in selfish plan whose goals are simply sublime," describes the crack barcelonista who made ​​the difference as 'gunboat' in the seventies.

Again according to Müller, "in the history of football has been and there are few players who reach the height of Messi. If I would be able to score as many goals now as they'd rather not speculate. To me it means a lot to my record, which shows that 40 years ago and had great scorers, has survived through 40 years. "

Gerd had wanted to congratulate Leo on the occasion of the Champions League final the 19-M. "I would have loved a Bayern-Barça" he says. Chelsea broke that dream. (via MD)