09 May 2012

[Fprmer player] Bojan: "The decision to stay in Rome is mine alone"

Bojan Krkic discussed in 'Esports COPE' season finale with Rome without losing sight of what is happening at Barça.

The forward is very quiet at how the season has gone and admits to being happy with his performance but does not deny that he struggled to adapt to Italian football.

Bojan is now pursued by the uncertainty about his future, although the front does not appear distressed.

"For weeks we talk about my future but I know nothing of next year. I would finish the season and best value when you start the holidays," he said.

He noted that his decision is not subject to the continuity of Luis Enrique.

"I like to rely on myself. Therefore, the decision to stay or not in Roma is mine alone. If I'm OK, as now, I do not mind the coach there. Obviously Luis Enrique can go and come another mister, but I want to be outside and focus only on me, "said.

Therefore, Bojan is being questioned for their possible return to FC Barcelona, a possibility which does not waste time thinking until the time comes.

"FC Barcelona can repescarme but we should talk a lot. Barça is my home but I have come to a place where I have been welcomed with open arms and I feel like home," he said.

In addition, he spoke of his relationship with Tito: "I can only say I had good dealings with him. He was very kind to me when I was, obviously you have to give trust and chance, because he deserves and has arguments for Barça ".

Guardiola progress, Bojan said no grudge against Pep and showed his gratitude for the works on the front of the azulgrana set.

"My progress has been linked to Guardiola much and I went for it. The end alignments Pep did but it was not his fault. There were other things not going well. Guardiola is a coach who has given everything. It deserves affection because it has led Barça where he belongs, "he said. (via SPORT)