06 May 2012

[Former president] Laporta split at the party of Pep

Joan Laporta, who is following the derby from his seat partner, has lashed out before the start of the match against the Board of Sandro Rosell, indicating told Catalunya Radio that "have not done everything possible to continue as coach Guardiola" and "It is an evidence that they have done well," the coach decided to leave at the end of the season.

Again according to Laporta, who sought prominence slipping in the party Pep, Sandro policy "is obsessed with destroying everything we build, and Pep was part of it. I have not done everything possible to continue, I will explain more things later. There's the wear Guardiola, who has had to assume functions not touched. This team, with players and with it is long distance. "

Laporta, who has declined to sit in the box saying that "I have the habit of accepting invitations from people who lodged lawsuits against me and stain my reputation," he also insisted that "I am proposing to introduce again Barcelona president, I am entitled to it. If I recover him being president? I think is now going solo, but I would like to know that we are here to build something new. Tito Vilanova? You will see if it works. I hope to develop skills "for the bet get it right. (via MD)