15 May 2012

[Former President] Laporta: "The election of Tito is a decision of panic"

Joan Laporta blames the board of progress and Guardiola believes the election of Tito responds to panic "for not doing more" for the continuity of Pep.

Joan Laporta reviewed the present time living FC Barcelona in an interview with 'The Matí' de Catalunya Radio and turned to leave no one indifferent to his words.

The former Barça president again drop that is ready to return to Barcelona and declared to be presented "if avanzasen the elections."

Laporta again showed its most critical board and decided on the choice of Tito Vilanova: "Panic is a decision for not having done more for Guardiola."

In addition, reflected on the possible causes of the progress of Pep: "Guardiola was destined to be a coach for many years and I do not think he has created the ideal environment to follow."

Laporta said that "Barça is in a cycle and Guardiola change has not dared to do so because it has enough support from the board."

For the former president, the door of Barça is open for Pep: and said "can return to doing what he wants because he has earned, even as president."

Finally, he returned to throw a dart at the board chaired by Sandro Rosell and warned: "I know the board members for many years and they have a different concept of what should be Barça". (via SPORT)