09 May 2012

[Former player] Yayá Touré: "I would go to Barcelona"

Yayá Touré admitted RAC1 that "if they call me I would not think twice" and reiterated his dream of retiring from FC Barcelona.

Yayá Touré was surprised yesterday with some effusive statements regarding his desire to return to Barcelona. In an interview with RAC1, the Ivorian midfielder Manchester City spoke with feeling about a hypothetical return to Camp Nou.

"Two years ago I said I would return. Has been the most important equipment for me and if they call you do not think twice. Barcelona I love it. I would like to return." Touré recalled that "in the press conference I did when I was told again, in life you never know what will happen tomorrow, has been the team of my life and wanted to finish my career here. If I could be phenomenal."

About to become champion of the Premier League with two crucial goals in Newcastle-grown, the former Azulgrana midfielder had words for Pep Guardiola's farewell to the bench of the Camp Nou.

"It was a decision a little strange, because Guardiola has been instrumental in the success of Barça in all these years. But we are all humans and do great things though, has decided to leave," he said. About the appointment of Tito Vilanova off the bench, Toure praised the decision.

"I know very well I think Tito and apply the same philosophy as Pep. Tito is also very good person, with a very similar concept of football. I think Tito is also a good coach."

It told the British broadcaster Sky Sports, Toure praised the role of coach Roberto Mancini at City as a key factor to overcome a disadvantage as important as having regard to Manchester United in the Premier.
"I always trusted us and told us:"Guys, you have to believe in you because United can lose points. The important thing is that we keep winning. '"

In the absence of a day to finish the championship, the City is leading on goal difference with their neighbors at Old Trafford. Touré, decisive in la Liga 2010 for Barça in the final match against Valladolid, admitted that winning la Liga in the City "is making history and I came." (via MD)