15 May 2012

[Former player] Bojan ruled leaving Rome

The Roma player, Bojan Krkic ruled leaving Rome next season.

The player of the Rome Bojan Krkic-on loan from Barcelona for two years ruled out leaving the whole "Giallorossi" in an awards ceremony in the Italian press, which awarded the Spanish striker with his current teammates Marco Casetti and Alberto de Rossi.

"My future? We will talk a little all, but I can say I'm great in Rome and it is not of new coach. This is a good team that I love," said the 21 years, also took stock Italian league, in which the Roma finished in seventh place and 28 points of champions Juventus.

Bojan added that the season of Rome was irregular, "and that there was a lack of focus on small details."

The forward said that the set where he plays a "good team" that is working to improve its performance ahead of next season. "To win takes all, but we are working, we're a good team and we must improve," he said.

On a personal level, the player is satisfied with its adaptation to Italian football after leaving the Spanish league, where he played for Barcelona for four years.

"From my season but I am very happy because I came from a totally different football and for the Italian front is the most difficult championship," he said.

He also alluded to the speculations that point to Vicenzo Montella-Catania coach- to succeed the Spaniard Luis Enrique, who brought his current team Bojan to-front bench "Giallorossi."

"The Catania has had a good season and if he's talking about because it is a good coach," he said. (via SPORT)