11 May 2012

Falcao rekindles debate the '9' at Barça

The decisive role of Mario Gómez and Drogba in the Champions also brings to the table Barça the chance to sign a 'nine' pure.

The marvelous exhibition starring the mattress Radamel Falcao in the final of the Champions League against Athletic has reopened the debate on whether or not the club that hires a 'nine' pure and of a certain size to implement a plan B in time of need for alternatives to the obvious 'Messidependencia'.

Apart from the Colombian author of 35 goals this season in the Champions League, the other continental competition, Mario Gómez and Didier Drogba have been crucial to lead to Bayern and Chelsea at the Final in Munich.

The Spanish-German has gotten so many this year 41, while the Ivory Coast, which is released in June, takes only 12 but many have come in the decisive stretch of the course: semifinal and final of the FA Cup and 'half' of the Champions League against Barça.

Three examples of the major role of the figure of 'killer' out of area to the existing profile at the Camp Nou. The failed experience of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who charged Guardiola reasons to further organize the equipment and system around Messi in the last two seasons, plays against the commitment to a clásico goalscorer. In addition to doing off the field, the Swede hit the turf Leo limit the full freedom of movement of the triple Ballon d'Or.

The prevailing model at Barça has been running away from the emergency plan for parties stuck to the point that has often been Messi who has thrown a few yards back to play midfield in a 3-4-3 or inside without limitations in a 4-3-3, leaving the tip of the attack to other peers.

David Villa was one of the elect until his injury but in his absence and even he has seen other players like Cesc Fabregas, Pedro and Alexis Sánchez playing as front man.

The ability to move between lines and eye for goal has served them all to trick during part of the season but has missed at the peak.

Least in the case of Pedro, relegated to ostracism in citations against Chelsea and Real Madrid despite its long history of 'killer' in late and games of maximum tension.

At other times, a center-back, Gerard Piqué, was the resort-style balls Alexanko to take down and the leg against Chelsea the responsibility fell unsuccessfully in Seydou Keita after the fatal collision of Piqué with Víctor Valdés.

The analysis is also available at Barça. The handicap sign a '9' to sign at a high price is the incompatibility with the game of Messi and the danger of leaving the bench in a remarkable figure of millions for many minutes.

If a player of that tie court, Larsson profile, ie, good, nice and cheap, entire wins. The other option is to invest in a striker who can adapt to other positions without hindering range of Leo, the philosopher's stone Barça. (via MD)