05 May 2012

[Ex player] Krankl: "I'm sad Guardiola leaves"

Hansi Krankl, uno de los mayores goleadores en la historia del FC Barcelona, se deshace en elogios hacia Pep Guardiola y Leo Messi.

The ex Barcelona player told the program explained Mas Esports, Sergi Mas in Com Radio that "I am delighted to be in the field on the last day of Guardiola. It's a pity to be why he's a great coach. I very happy to be on this day, he will have the public for him though I'm a little sad because he leaves. "The ex player Austrian added: "Guardiola has the respect of all over the world, has my respect and all respects Guardiola, who has won everything in Barça."

Aside from Guardiola, Krankl also praised Messi "is the number 1 in the world. It is impressive to 46 goals in a League. Messi is impressive. Cruyff was my idol as a youth. For me, apart from Messi, which best I've seen in my life is Cruyff. "And what has no doubt that "Messi is much better than me, Messi is the best."

And the latest accolades were for the team barcelonista. "The best team of all time is the Barça of Guardiola. Is the best team I've ever seen, better than all the better than Santos of Pelé." (via SPORT)