09 May 2012

[Ex player] Hagi: "Messi is a genius in a great team"

The ex player of FC Barcelona George Hagi, spoke on 'Com Radio' on the figure of Leo Messi who has said he is "unique, a genius."

"Messi is unique, a genius who was born and has also been fortunate to play at a phenomenal team. Messi is a genius. It's amazing how easy it is to score goals," said the Romanian ex player George Hagi 'Com Ràdio 'on Leo Messi.

The ex blaugrana was compared with the Argentine and stressed the role of pin: "Messi is very technical, very fast, makes goals easy. The difference between Messi and me is that the brand a lot of goals, I gave the passes to mark" .

On the final of the Champions left their preferences clear and said that for him the better ending would have been one in which Barça won against Madrid: "It would have been incredible a Champions League final between Barcelona and Madrid. I think if you would have faced had won in the final Barcelona. "

Hagi also talked about the politics of his country and praised the Romanian communist politician Nicola Ceausescu, "Ceausescu did many good things for Romania, the only bad thing is that people let out of the country" (via SPORT)