18 May 2012

[Ex player] Cruyff, "Guardiola has had to control many egos"

The Dutchman reviewed the current status of the club, the departure of Guardiola and the announcement of Tito Vilanova as coach of FC Barcelona.

Johan Cruyff is one of the famous gurus 'environment' Barcelona and the Dutch would not miss the opportunity to comment on what happened at the club in recent days, both with the subject Guardiola as the election of Tito Vilanova as New coach for next season, and to assess the possible signings and what performance has seen the team this year.

Cruyff told Guardiola to understand and believe there has been strange and confusing situations surrounding his departure and what has been leaked in the press: "I understand Guardiola. Today is played every three days and the pace is tremendous. If one is not hard to quit. "Cruyff said that in the locker room there are always many egos in between: "Guardiola has had to control many egos in the locker room. Normal you run out of forces. It is better to leave on time. Being Barça coach is a position that weighs heavily , in the locker room there are many egos, games hard, it's complicated. "Even left a "dart" on the announcement of the new coach for next year: "If Guardiola was not informed and not consulted at all .. must be that things internally, do not work well. What his departure is not a story of one day, I guess it has taken time but it is true what has been said, everything is pretty rare "

About Tito Vilanova, Cruyff believes it has no reason to judge, because we know what's wrong in the dressing room, and said it will maintain the philosophy: "The thing to do is change the philosophy and from there you have to sign it needed. can not be judged as Tito is going to do, because we know the problems inside. hope you do well. "

Finally, the Dutchman said of the Euro and the situation of Villa and Afellay: "I think Villa is to go to the Euro, it also is fortunate that he is not tired.'s In top form. In Spain is the Euro team to beat for what he has earned. Everyone will go to 200% against them. Care with Germany and Russia. " (via SPORT)