24 May 2012

[Ex player & coach] Cruyff: "With Tito have to wait and then say"

The ex Barça coach Johan Cruyff calls for calm when assessing the work of Tito Vilanova in an interview in 'El Periódico', while Guardiola believes that closes a cycle.

"Comparisons between Guardiola and Tito? Have to wait to start, to do things and then say if it goes well or less well," Cruyff said one who sees that from the beginning and "are sowing doubts" about Tito from the environment "as with Pep, although it had the blessing of people who could support you. "

Cruyff insists that "environment" weird being created around the technical difficulties of assessing the team's chances next season. "The team has quality. It has everything. But I suspect that is a circus that should be avoided," said the Dutchman, who does not understand, for example, that prompted the current players if they think Tito can do well.

The farewell of Pep Guardiola as Barça coach supposed to Johan Cruyff, a cyclical change in the club, though not strictly football. "Not just a cycle in the field, but what is around the environment. Ends a cycle that began outside the locker room with Laporta and his people, with Txiki, with Rijkaard, with me and continued with Guardiola. Not talking only football, but about people and behavior, "he said. "With Guardiola cycle ends and another begins, and I say in the negative. Has been found who was in command he was. Who is sending now? We'll see how it goes."

Finally, also spoke of the Cup final between Barça and Athletic. A final Guardiola may allow close her cycle in the best way possible with a title against the same opponents against which succeeded the first. "Football has these things. It's fate. Will be nice to close the loop gain," he said Cruyff. (via SPORT)