01 May 2012

[Ex player] Bonano: "Guardiola will return to Barça"

The Argentine goalkeeper believes that Tito ensures the continuity of the model but know that Pep will closely tied to FC Barcelona.

Roberto Bonano has no doubt that Guardiola FC Barcelona will return sooner or later. "In the future I think Pep will return to Barcelona. I do not know what role, perhaps I see it as an office manager, general manager, manager, perhaps as president, "they said in the program 'Mas Esports' COM Radio.

The ex Barça goalkeeper Pep defined as a "role model" and "an exceptional coach" and tried to reassure the fans to the succession of Guardiola.

"It is difficult to assume the post Guardiola, but his successor will continue the project. It is always dramatic and traumatic post Guardiola but we must trust. The fan should not worry why there is a strong philosophy, "he said.

In addition, Sticking, "Guardiola has set a cycle. It's over a cycle, the cycle empazará Guardiola and another. "

On the election by Tito Bonano said he was surprised because I thought "that the working group was to go with Pep." (via SPORT)