22 May 2012

[Ex player] Alexanko: "It will be a final very different of 2009"

The ex Barça timeout to suit Tito as head coach.
He fears the frustration that can result in the Athletic if you lose the Cup final.

The ex player of FC Barcelona and Athletic Club Alexanko José Ramón has said in an interview Monday on FM ONA final between Barcelona and Athletic will be "very different from that of 2009, as all finals are different" . Alexanko stressed that "the game model has changed, especially the Athletic. Barça is following the same philosophy that has gone well and not have to change, "he added. In 2009 the Athletic coach Joaquin Caparros was playing style opposed to the current occupant of San Mamés, Marcelo Bielsa who opted for a touch football.

Alexanko lamented the long without football since the end of league competition since "the week has been very long, for fans and players and this break is not good for anyone because you're used to the pace of competition. Barça arrives in good time, has made a strong finish in the league, with games and goals. Athletic has been shown in Europe that is very valid. "

Losing two finals is very hard. So clear has been Alexanko on the possibility that the Athletic again after losing a final rout suffered in the finals of the Champions League against Atlético Madrid. "For the Athletic, the feeling of being able to lose the finals is very frustrating. It was very important to get a European title for the windows, but with so much time between the two end Bielsa has been able to boost morale. "

The former coach Barça, with Carles Reixach on the bench, asked to be given time to Vilanova. "Tito needs time to adapt as head coach, is a very good chance, but is behind a history of big titles. We can not compare. "He stressed that Barça has his own style, but "we'll see if there is continuity, if the gameplay is the same. Have to take a while. " (via MD)