25 May 2012

Esperanza Aguirre is removed from the cup final

She threw the stone and hide the hand now. After heating the mood before the final of the Copa del Rey, Esperanza Aguirre now will not go to the match.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, will not attend the final of the Copa de Rey, as reported by the regional vice president, Ignacio González.

The "number two" of the Madrid government, which also plans to attend the final, made ​​the announcement at a press conference following the Governing Council, which she described as "regrettable" the controversy they have generated the recent statements of President regional. Some statements that suspend Aguirre raised the Cup final between Barcelona and Athletic if the Basque and Catalan hobbies "whistle" Prince Philip, the Spanish flag or anthem which led to a barrage of criticism and opinions, even in the ranks of his own party.

Among these criticisms is the Basque President Patxi López, who yesterday sent a letter to Aguirre-and she has already received, in which, according to own lehendakari said, told him "everything he had to say" about of his controversial words. González, who has reported that Aguirre intended to respond to the letter "today," asked the Basque president "to appeal to the tastes and especially his own, to really respect" which is "a sporting event and state symbols. "

The vice president said he found it "surprising" that there are positions like President of the Basque Government to "ask someone from demonstrations, in that report that are being used for political purposes sporting events." He also said that what "seems regrettable" criticism is that attitudes like Aguirre and yet there is no "widespread condemnation" whom "is spurring on purpose or by calling" to become a sporting event "in a way to achieve ends "that have nothing to do with" a Copa del Rey final. (via SPORT)