08 May 2012

The duties of Tito Vilanova

Guardiola, Zubizarreta and Tito analyzed months ago that should get a player online.

The season is reaching its end and it's time to address the restructuring of the workforce. The sports management during the year has worked side by side with the coaching staff to identify needs and staff team led by Andoni Zubizarreta has compiled a list of eleven players future events in order to incorporate three new troops for the upcoming season. The defense is the priority. Two players come to reinforce the rear, while the third would shore up the forward. Of the three, the center-forward is less urgent than the other two.

The choice of signings, obviously, will be strongly dependent on economic conditions. Depending on the outputs and transfers that can be obtained, Barça may have up to 100 million euros for signings. A significant number, although players who top the list of possible additions are very expensive and it seems unlikely that all first choices can go.

The left back is essential. The Abidal low, coupled with progress at PSG in December Maxwell, left-handed orphan flank. Adriano, one of the transferable specific is the only player in this position, in addition to the squad Marc Muniesa. The most liked footballer and greater potential for this demarcation Bale is Welsh, but its price is prohibitive. Tottenham will sell in no case less than 30 million euros. The alternatives are much cheaper, although in the case of Jordi Alba, the second on the list, the twelve million who could apply for Valencia also seem excessive to be a complementary player.

In the center-back of the rear is also need another signing. Piqué, recovered from his physical problems, must be fundamental with a Carles Puyol who should regulate efforts throughout the season. Javier Mascherano can change his role next season if Keita is pierced and would exert a midfielder. Therefore, the club has long been tracking the market for a center-back and Thiago Silva is a player more contrasted. The problem is the same as in the left back. AC Milan 40 million euros calls. Javi Martínez is also expensive, the second candidate, but has the virtue of playing so far back as in midfield.

Doubt comes in attack. Barça has decided to incorporate Neymar in 2013 and the club will wait to see the physical evolution of Villa. If el 'Guaje' is to stop the signing of forward would be postponed a year when would sign the Brazilian. In any case, as advanced Albert Llimós in 'the stands' is ruled out veteran striker Larsson style.

These online teachers were laid months ago by Guardiola, Zubizarreta and Vilanova. Now, once contested the Cup final, Tito will speak to decide where it should go. (via SPORT)