01 May 2012

The dismissal of Pep in Barça-Espanyol

Guardiola close his cycle at the Stadium against Espanyol, another incentive to not miss the appointment.

The timing would have it the last game of Josep Guardiola at the Camp Nou, in his first stint as coach of Barça, is a luxury: the Catalan derby against Espanyol on Saturday 5 May at 21.00. For the cocktail dress, a referee to rise to the occasion, Fernando Teixeira Vitienes.

Fernando, the eldest of the Teixeira saga was the one that upset the blaugrana on the Getafe match, if not pointed out to them a penalty and a goal annulled for offside in injury time and with 1-0 for the hosts. Also, is the braid that José Mourinho waited in the bowels of the Camp Nou at the end of the quarter-finals of the Cup Reu against Real Madrid which ended 2-2. 'Mou have you said it was "a scoundrel" and liked "fuck professionals."

There are aspects less rugged but equally morbid grace the game. The derby between Barça and Espanyol have recovered much of their rivalry in recent years. The balance between Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino at the Camp Nou this year is two wins for Santpedor (1-0 and 2-0) and one for the Santa Fe (1-2), and two draws and two Pep wins in Cornella-El Prat.

For the parrots were especially stung 1-5 of la Liga 2010-11, but in this championship took his revenge with a 1-1, controversy included: Turienzo Alvarez said not a penalty at the hands of Raúl Rodríguez in the discount.

No doubt those two points would have done well to Barça in the struggle for chaining a fourth title. A title that, depending on what happens in tomorrow's games (Barça, Málaga and Athletic Club - Real Madrid) may be awarded mathematically. Likewise, blanquiazules can get to the Stadium with no chance of qualifying for the Europa League next.

In any case, Barça-Espanyol seems a good match for Josep Guardiola last occupies the bench of the Camp Nou as a local technician, at least for now. Also, for the blaugrana fans come in droves to honor the coach and players after an intense season, which still remains to be played the final of the Copa del Rey and to close a period of legend.

The club intends to develop a tribute

Josep Guardiola knows that is not in favor of grand events, particularly when there are still games and titles on the line and the center of the tribute he is. But the reality of the calendar indicates that the derby on Saturday is the last opportunity for the Camp Nou to dismiss Pep and thank the team's success the past four years. Therefore, in Barça are considering the formula to give a tribute Guardiola sense and in line with what he has achieved for the institution but without disturbing the concentration of the team. For all, the best tribute is to win the derby against Espanyol and this is the main objective. With tomorrow's match against Málaga at stake in the club are managing time, aware that on Wednesday the stands will be a spontaneous tribute to Pep in the form of banners and chants. But that does not prevent the entity wishes to act more institutional channel where you can capture the appreciation of FC Barcelona. Of course, everything must be discussed and agreed with the coach and these are in 'can Barça'. (via SPORT)