09 May 2012

David Luiz, crazy to come to Barça

After causing a sensation at Benfica, is about to celebrate its first season and a half at Chelsea.

Recently won the FA Cup at Wembley on Saturday, Roberto di Matteo rested David Luiz last night against Liverpool and the player weapons and sailing towards the grand final of the Champions on May 18 against Bayern. Still be the dismissal of the Premier against Blackburn at Stamford Bridge, but it probably is not the game.

At this point in the film, the head of David Luiz only are Bayern and Barça ... Yes, Barça. The Brazilian is very clear that his future lies in the Camp Nou and not willing to let go of a train that may be lost forever if not wave the flag violently to stop it. With just turned 25 years and about to complete a season and a half at Chelsea, the Brazilian international feel ready to take the final step in his football career.

By its terms, could be adapted perfectly to the Barça system and those who know him emphasize his humility and, above all, that has nothing to do with last chapters of his countrymen who created real problems on the computer, without going any further in the last stage of 'Rijkaard era. "

The Brazilian has also shown that with solvency can occupy the left side and if Tito Vilanova insists the defense of three, would be very useful playing alongside Carles Puyol. In addition, huge speed advantage allows you to reach the crossing still playing away from goal, a must in the game system that has elevated the current Barça.

Luiz David lives in London with his girlfriend Lisbon, Sara Madeira, whom he met during his time as player of Benfica after several months of bachelorhood. Both are a couple living away from the flashes of photographers and only appear in public.

The setting of the player and knows first hand that her dream is azulgrana dressing and even dare to ensure that the true aim of FC Barcelona not Thiago Silva but also David Luiz. In this regard, it should be remembered that Chelsea signed him from Benfica in the winter of last season endorsed by Carlo Ancelotti for 30 million euros and sales price could be around Now this amount. (via SPORT)