22 May 2012

Cristiano: "We have ended the cycle of Barça"

The Real Madrid's Portuguese striker felt that his team is now stronger than azulgrana and hopes that this circumstance will last "long".

The Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo felt that after the league win of the set target "has already changed the cycle" and that the phenomenon is expected to hold "for a long time."

In two interviews given to newspapers Marca and As, 'CR7' season analyzed, highlighting the struggle with the club and the rivalry with Messi to recover the scepter of the Ballon d'Or

"I think we've changed the cycle by winning the League, which is not easy, and with nine points ahead of Barça, which are many. Of course that has changed and I hope for many years. We have a great team, Barça too, but this year we have proven to be better, "he said.

The Portugal winger was unable to park for a few minutes his renowned egotism and did not hesitate in calling his excellent season, ahead of the level offered by his computer. "I would ten to my season at the individual level and nine in the group because he wanted to win a title more. The Champions League, for example," he said.

In that sense, 'CR7' expressed his belief that the Real Madrid get their tenth European crown in no time: "The Tenth come next year or in two, but be calm."

Cristiano also recognized that the intense match against Barça at the Camp Nou was instrumental in removing white Champions at the hands of Bayern Munich.

"El Clásico bill passed us against Bayern. There is good match both major games," he lamented.

"What I can say is that this is not a challenge between Messi and Ronaldo, is a duel between many players and teams," said 'CR7' Media on the rivalry that exists between him and continuously star azulgrana. "We always compare, but we can not compare, as you can not compare a Ferrari to Porsche or a Mercedes," he added.

"Messi is a great player, I have to say. I think sometimes it's not fair to compare me with Messi and not always good, although I have to accept it," said the Luso.

The Portuguese had a good gesture to wish luck to Pep Guardiola and highlight their positive role in his four seasons in front of the first team: "He's done a great job at the club, we appreciate what he has done." "I wish him well in the future," he added. (via SPORT)