18 May 2012

Cristiano: "I'm better than Messi"

"I'm better than Messi" Cristiano Ronaldo has said in statements to the program 'World Sport' on CNN. Again according to the Madrid crash, "I do not like to be compared to anyone. Some people say that I am better and others who say he is, but at the end of the day they will decide who is the best right now. I think it's me. "

CR7 added that he is "tired" of the constant comparison between him and Messi. "I see no sense, because you can not compare a Ferrari to a Porsche as ambios have a different engine. He (referring to Leo) makes the best things for Barcelona, ​​I do the best things for Madrid, people see the numbers and says' it's incredible. "We (in Madrid) beat our own record of goals, it's amazing. We motivate each other, so the competition level is so high and so the Madrid and Barcelona are the best teams in the world. "

When analyzing the result of the recent League, the Portuguese international has stressed that "the numbers speak for themselves, nine points of difference are as many in the Spanish League." In line, said "we were there (Camp Nou) a month ago and we won 1-2. Nobody can do that, it is very difficult, so we deserved to win la Liga. We're better than them right now, but I respect because we are also a great team. "

Asked about Mourinho, has indicated that "joke all the time, but when training is completely different, serious and professional. So has won many titles. It is best for what you do: tactics, players all around , motivation ... has won in every country that has trained, it's great. "

In another interview, this granted to Sky Sports, Cristiano Ronaldo has said that "I do not know what to do in the future, really. Anything can happen," leaving in doubt omo continuity at Real Madrid, which is linked to 2015. CR7 has also stated that "Of course I'm happy at Madrid's great to be auqí and fans are fantastic, but in a year or two you never know. The head of a man is always complicated." The club blanco has already started negotiations for a possible contract extension.

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