21 May 2012

Chelsea opened the door of the Barça to Gareth Bale

The triumph of the Blues' in Munich leaves Champions to Tottenham next year.

Twist of fate, the same team this season Barça deprived of playing in the Champions League final in Munich, and thus attempt to defend the title won at Wembley last year, could help you now to sign one of the major goals for Barça for next season.

And is that the triumph of Chelsea last Saturday at the Allianz Arena to Bayern Munich to leave to Tottenham without participation in the next edition of the Champions League, a condition 'sine qua non' Gareth Bale, one of the dreams Barça , put the London club to continue playing there next season.

The Spurs finished the Premier League in fourth place and therefore were entitled to contest the Champions League before going on the run. However, Chelsea win in Munich, who finished outside the Premiership Champions positions and will play the next edition for being a champion, pushes Tottenham to UEFA to have a maximum of four spaces for Champions Englishmen. Tottenham is the fifth in discord and stays out.

In this new scenario, the coach of Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Redknapp, will have the difficult task of trying to convince Bale to canvie of opinion and reconsider leaving the club. The coach of the Spurs considered basic piece Bale for his team and is not willing to give up his star.

The Welsh footballer, without participation in next month's European Championship in Poland and Ukraine is not ready to renounce to play the top competition at the club next season. Bale is on vacation and left his future in the hands of his agent, Jonathan Barnett, who recently claimed and Barça to make a greater effort and ascended its offering of 45 million euros to sign him.

Surely, without the participation in the upcoming Champions of Tottenham, Barça will now have much more force if the London club agrees to negotiate. (via MD)