18 May 2012

Cesc: "Tito Vilanova is more than capable"

Cesc Fàbregas spoke on 'Radio 4' on the future of Tito Vilanova, at FC Barcelona.

Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fàbregas has said Francesc 'Tito', Vilanova, which will replace coach Pep Guardiola as Barça, is "more than qualified for a position that weighs a lot."

"Tito is very quiet and football fan. Learn a lot from him. Have strength and courage. It is a great coach," he stressed this afternoon the player in an interview to the radio station 'Radio 4'.

Fàbregas believes that Guardiola have terminated his career as coach of Barcelona, ​​but also wants to be "one up soon."

"With the current football Guardiola living normal wear that has endured brutal. It burns, burns and burn. Other coaches do not get what gives Pep" he stressed.

Cesc Fàbregas has admitted that the costumes did not expect barcelonista progress Guardiola, who saw "a year" on the bench.

Despite the blow that has meant the farewell of the most successful coach of Barcelona, Cesc has held in its place has come Vilanova, which believed to have been the logical transition. "With Vilanova is continuity, as if following Pep" he said. (via SPORT)