02 May 2012

Cazorla: "Barça is the best team at the level footballing"

Santi Cazorla has said that before the final, and against FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, the team has to "make a last effort to achieve the goal."

"Hopefully we can finish our best, because we are in the final two games and very difficult to" international commented in reference to clashes with Barça and rojiblancos.

Although the Málaga depends upon himself to qualify for the Champions League, Cazorla has acknowledged that the last three league games "very complicated" and has therefore called for to go "party party" and "without looking at others' because now "is a very difficult game."

"Barcelona are the best team there at the level footballing the field and much more," added Cazorla, although he remembered what happened against Real Madrid, "we have the example of the Bernabéu, which stood up."

Despite fewer options for Barcelona in La Liga, said it "will always win out" and also "has players accustomed to victory."

Cazorla, however, has said he is wary of Barcelona, "it looked at a complicated time and goes to the field of Rayo and win that way", with a clear 0-7.

Therefore considers that the key to get something positive "is to be perfect in every way" because "players are destabilizing in all lines", and "you have to have that put them, because they are not going to forgive" .

About the rivals for the Champions League, Valencia, Levante, Atlético Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and Osasuna, said that "they will be there until the end" and stressed that the Levantine team "is doing well" and Atlético "you have to play there," so that "we must take account of them all" (via SPORT)