08 May 2012

Camp Nou attendances continue to rise

With 75.158 supporters per game this season, the average crowd at the Camp Nou has grown slightly compared to previous years.

With similar figures for the League and Champions League games, the main rise in attendance has come for the Spanish Cup games.

Saturday’s derby game marked the end of the season at the Camp Nou and the attendances over the season have registered have a slight increase compared to previous seasons, averaging 75.158, compared to last season’s 74.722.

It’s been the Spanish Cup that has seen the biggest increase, with the games against Hospitalet, Osasuna, Madrid and Valencia drawing an average gate of 71.392, well above last season’s 48,388 average for the same competition. The League and European gates for the last two seasons have, in contrast, stayed more or less at the same level -75,069 (11/12) and 79,191 (10/11) in the league and 77,953 (11/12) and 78,128 (10/11) in the Champions League.

The season’s highest attendance was the 99,252 for the league game against Real Madrid and the 95,845 who turned out for the Champions League semi-final against Chelsea. Three of the five lowest gates came at midweek league games - against Rayo, Granada and Malaga.

As well as the League, Champions League and Cup matches, there were also the Spanish Super Cup and Joan Gamper games at the Camp Nou, which bring the average for the whole season to 75,825, compared to 75,082 last season if the corresponding games against Seville and AC Milan are included. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Average attendance during the Guardiola era

2011/12: 75.158
2010/11: 74.722
2009/10: 75.570
2008/09: 62.071