24 May 2012

Calderón's grass already shines

On Tuesday and yesterday was placed had a good appearance helped by the sun.

It would have been joking that Coldplay, the English group that sounded both at the Camp Nou in his first season, spoiled the final game of Pep Guardiola, FC Barcelona.

The concert on Sunday at the Vicente Calderón before 55,000 faithful, with a stage and giant waterspout included, left the logical consequences in the grass, but Atlético Madrid has worked quickly and effectively to deliver to la Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) a pitch in very good condition.

If there are unforeseen and not expected storms or anything, Guardiola may still have good memories of Coldplay when I leave the bench azulgrana, especially if his team wins the trophy tomorrow against Athletic.

The transfer of power between club rojiblanco and the Federation was held yesterday afternoon, and 4,000 square meters with new grass placed on the most affected area (just under half field goal in the Northern Fund).

It is sod 220 4 centimeters thick in rolls 15 meters long and 1.20 meters wide. They arrived on Tuesday from Cáceres with the mediation of the Tapiz Verde supplier and EMAL, the company responsible for the work. Late on Tuesday and was covered the entire surface and throughout the day yesterday was irrigated and treated to lift as little as possible during the game.

The conditions of the Vicente Calderón, with moisture in the Manzanares river cooling the pitch and fully open to the entrance of the sun, which yesterday hit relentlessly makes the grass more quickly take power in other arenas, such as the Camp Nou , where the problem areas are bleak. (via MD)