07 May 2012

The board doesn't respond to Laporta

The statements of former President opportunistic.

The board barcelonista saved by the time a strict silence about the recent remarks of Joan Laporta, who has stepped forward to take the output of Pep Guardiola to criticize the club.

Although few people in the club and even outside it, means a statement that they do is portray Laporta a character as opportunistic, there will be no comments.

The same day he the barcelonismo paid homage to Pep, Laporta, who was invited to the Llotja said on Catalunya Ràdio that the club "has done everything possible to keep Pep is evidence that have done well to go "thus denying the technician, who has repeatedly explained the reasons for its decision and has stressed his appreciation for the treatment received by the club, both in times of Rosell and Laporta.

The former president then Guardiola is a liar. Even in circles away from the policy is considered that Laporta is an opportunist, while from the club complains about all the elected date, such an important day for the barcelonismo, but without statements

Barça could finish the season playing a friendly in Qatar after Cup final on 25 against Athletic Bilbao. I would now go without international squad for the tournament.

Meanwhile, Guardiola will have to decide this week whether his players play a friendly before the finals copera. This possibility is assessed to be many days without competition from the League final, which will end next Saturday, 12. Guardiola wants to stay focused and competitive so do not rule out a 'bolus' prior. (via MD)