26 May 2012

Bielsa: "I assume that the present approach was not successful"

Athletic Club coach, Marcelo Bielsa, has assumed today that "the approach" that has set his team in the final of the Copa del Rey today against FC Barcelona, which has fallen by 0-3, "was not the right. "

"I assume that the present approach was not successful, I realize that. The decision maker's me," said Argentine coach, disappointed by the outcome of the final and have not "fallen short of public the illusion of "rojiblanco.

"I imagined or prepared a party to achieve prominence, intensity and dynamism and fail to achieve that. From there I assume that the attempt was unsuccessful. The proposal was not successful and the differences were what we saw," summed up his view of game.

Bielsa, who has revealed he has observed "a lot of pain" in his team players for the defeat, said he sees the future of this "young" Atletico "from two readings." One of them, depending on "conditions, possibilities and age," believes "growth margin", but offers more questions in relation "to that hard constantly to be taken every three days all or nothing" .

In that regard, he recalled that Athletic has missed an opportunity to fight for fifth place in the last "date" league and has dropped by two semi-finals by 0-3 and fairly.

Rosario coach said that after "losing a game," like today he is "talking reckless" the issue of renewal, on which you were referred to an early "meeting" with leaders of the Basque club, but said that "Athletic is an experience that any man who loves football pleased to have lived."

Bielsa has revealed that at the end of the meeting Pep Guardiola congratulated for having achieved today, "another link in a magnificent and memorable work, which is his team." When asked if he considers able to Leo Messi to surpass Pelé and Maradona has said he does not like "comparisons" because he believes that "dwarfs" to players. I enjoyed Pele and Maradona and Messi enjoy. All three are wonderful, "he said. (via MD)