18 May 2012

Beto Borregán announces retirement at the end of the season

Accompanied by President Sandro Rosell and board member Ramon Cierco, Beto Borreán announced today that he would be retiring at the end of the season.

The Club have decided to retire the number 21 shirt and it will be the first time a roller hockey player has had his shirt hung at the Palau Blaugrana.

Sandro Rosell announced that Beto Borregán will continue to be connected with the Club and will become a part of the professional structure of the section.

Eighteen seasons after he made his debut with the roller hockey first team, Beto Borregán announced earlier today that he is to retire at the end of the season and put an end to a wonderful career full of success in which he became the second highest winner of trophies at the Club - only behind the legendary David Barrufet.

Humble to the last

The Ricard Maxenchs press room at the Camp Nou was filled with Beto Borregán’s friends and teammates as he announced his retirement. The captain was accompanied by Club President Sandro Rosell and the Board Member in charge of the section Ramón Cierco and from the start of his speech his humility was clear: “I’m really just a normal guy and I don’t deserve all this attention – it’s no big thing”.

Beto thanked the Club for giving him the opportunity to bid farewell and also coach Gaby Cairo, as well as all his friends in the room, including Carles Puyol, the Futsal captain Javi Rodríguez, Negro Paéz, Quim Paüls, Carlos Figueroa and David Barrufet. Borregán was particularly emotional when he thanked his parents: “I love you so much and thanks to you, I am here. I want to dedicate to you the fact that my name is going to be hung up there”.

The captain could round off his career with another title next week if the team can win the European League and he explained his reasons for retiring thus: “I wanted to bow out whilst I was still at the top and leave an image of a player who has given everything for the Club. It was my dream to retire here and now I have”.

He’s played with many players during his 18 years at the Club, but asked to choose who had been most influential, he revealed it was Negro Paez: “he really influenced me as a man and as a player. He had such talent and was very important – he has been an irreplaceable player”.

President Sandro Rosell revealed during the press conference that the Club had decided to retire Borregán’s number 21 shirt and hang it at the Palau Blaugrana alongside other important players from the FC Barcelona sections – the first ever roller hockey player to be given such recognition - and also offer him a place on the staff from next season. Borregán has won so many titles, but he claimed: “the best title that the Club could offer me is to offer to hang up my shirt at the Palau”. (via FCBarcelona.com)