06 May 2012

The best and the worst of the Barça-Espanyol


Leo Messi returned to shine in front of goal to increase its number of goals to a brand unthinkable years ago: 50 goals in la Liga! Against Espanyol, the Rosario marked variously: pieces, in a direct free kick or penalty, and one of those plays personal lvantan fans from their seats. Mark 50 goals in a league is hardly something to be seen again and was the best tribute that Leo could do to a coach who knew how to exploit its strengths.

WORST: A GOOD HOURS Penalties ...

With la Liga decided in favor of Real Madrid, the referees are losing their customs first before. Interestingly, those penalties in the previous days were going to limbo, become maximum sentences without appeal when all is resolved. Last Wednesday against Málaga and this Saturday against Espanyol, the referees on duty pointed to two penalties by whistle for Guardiola. Months ago cost more, such as in the first round match between Espanyol and Barcelona when he saw Turienzo hands of Raúl Rodríguez after shot of Pedro. This time, Teixeira did see the Cristian Gómez. To quote that old saying, "a good hour, green sleeves." (via SPORT)