05 May 2012

Berlusconi: "Guardiola? Now is no time to spend lots of money"

"Profiling Guardiola? This is no time to spend much money," said Silvio Berlusconi, owner of Milan and unconditional years of Pep, a group of voters at a rally held by former Italian Prime Minister in Monza .

Even on the campaign fans Rossoneri are asking the hiring of Barça coach, who will leave Barça at the end of the season and in his news conference before to the La Liga derby today reiterated that no short-term train any equipment.

Berlusconi wanted to show restrained during the economic crisis that is sweeping the country also trans, but he and Adriano Galliani, AC Milan managed delegate, they long to Pep, who are willing to wait until the summer of 2013, leaving at first Massimiliano Allegri on the bench until then and hope that in the face of the 2013-14 season may call at San Siro. (via MD)