16 May 2012

Barça will offer contract extension to Mascherano

FC Barcelona will offer an improved and extended contract with Javier Mascherano, according to Ona FM.

The Argentine midfielder is linked to the club azulgrana until June 2014 and Barça want to reward their good performance in recent seasons, according to Ona FM.

The 'little chief' have accepted a wage worse when Liverpool changed for Barça.

Mascherano himself acknowledged in his press conference Wednesday that "I do not plan to leave Barça. The club will decide, but for my part will not be any objection."

The program 'Fora de Joc', the representative of Argentina, Horacio Zandonadi told club officials when docked at the Camp Nou that "Javier is so clear that it comes to being a backup like me who will end up being owner" . (via SPORT)