02 May 2012

Barça will have 100 million to sign

The Blaugrana staff will undergo significant changes and over the planned move for months.

The controversial former director general corporate Barça, Joan Oliver, came to confess, half seriously, half jokingly that there is no better deal for the club coffers to reach all the finals and not win. Ie using all the income of the competition and save the millions spent representing the concept of premiums derived from the titles. A very questionable philosophy, but that fits to some extent to the experience this season and will impact directly on the budget of Barça 2012-13. There will be major change of pace.

Sports disappointments suffered these last days will involve a significant increase in the budget for the chapter of reinforcements for the next season. At the moment, waiting to see how the delicate chapter of ups and downs, the sports management led by Andoni Zubizarreta estimated to be in a position to face the rigors of the market with a figure of around 100 million euros.

The bulk of the total amount comes from four principal items to be added gradually. The first is none other than their own budget for signings. The crisis has dented the specific section and caused a significant decrease already starts in the last year. Barça used to manage an amount that was around 50 million euros. Facing the 2012-13 campaign is not considered an initial figure of over 30 million euros. From here, the directive would have given approval to derive appropriate unquantified revenue to date is the case of transfers at the end of the season, and savings directly from the first team.

Zubizarreta and Tito Vilanova are convinced that the club closed several transactions whose amount will be around at least 30 million euros. Nobody wants to put names and devaluation pressures on the final assessment, but the output of a couple of more players of the first template 'Dani Alves, Seydou Keita'-moreodd squad must round this amount. These 30 'kilos' additional to be incorporated directly the budget for signings.

The third way to finance the remodeling of the workforce comes from the direct savings in the premium section for the big titles and the Champions League and la Liga. This concept, luckily for Barça had meant an economic drain on the balance sheet of the entity during the last few seasons. This season, the absence of the Champions League and in the windows slightly higher mean saving an additional 30 million euros. The discussion remains open because the deficit continues to hinder the entity carries several future projects, but it is considered that a generous portion of this amount already provided should result in the sports area, specifically in the chapter of signings.

The circle is completed by Pep Guardiola. His absence will allow saving a very significant monetary amount. Tito Vilanova will see his contract appropriate to the new position of head coach, an adjustment that will affect the substantial increase in their file. Yet in this first season, over in the dock will alleviate the coffers of FC Barcelona in just under 10 million euros.

In the end, what matters is that the board seems to understand the need to shore up the team with a pair of future first-class reinforcements. A circumstance which requires a budget to provide much more generous than the initial 30 million over the concept of transfer entered. With 100 million itself is able to compete with the best also in the transfer market. (via SPORT)