21 May 2012

Barca Think about Zabaleta if leaves Alves

If you are going Alves, Barça would have to strengthen the right side with experience.
The versatile Argentinean of City is one of the names in the squad.
Meet the elite, la Liga and has good relationship with Messi and Mascherano.

Barça does not want any decision caught him changed over. So, faced with the possibility of reaching a deal for Dani Alves irrechazable and for the entity, the obligation of the club is to have your back covered. Barça is quite clear that the market offers another Alves, but contrasted right side level, eventually, could strengthen guarantees the template. Has learned MD, Pablo Zabaleta is one of the names on the agenda of the coaches.

In the Camp Nou, Martin Montoya progression this season offers good prospects for their 21 years to be consolidated in the first team. The presence of Alves, a player who except his latest injury is capable of playing practically all alternate side relegated to a role merely testimonial.

But the march of Alves hypothetical change that pattern. If that happened, the idea would bring in an experienced player in the high competition that could divide the presence on the team with Montoya. This profile is perfectly fulfills Zabaleta, a player character for much of his career in San Lorenzo and Espanyol midfielder held the role, but who already in his time as a whitish paper was recycled to the side capable of perform in both bands.

This versatility and the competitive nature that distinguish and Barça drew attention in his days as Espanyol, but eventually took him to Manchester City in 2008, beginning to build with petrodollars the winning team it is today. Indeed, one goal by Zabaleta in the last match of the Premier League helped the City achieve the title after 44 years.

Its significance to the City has been uneven. Recently, injury to Micah Richards gave him the opportunity to finish the Premier as a starter. In February there was talk that Zabaleta could even consider a change of pace, playing for Valencia as a destination. Previously, the interest of Rome forced in November 2011 to a contract extension through 2015.

In addition to the targeted qualities, there are other factors that play into the work with Zabaleta and interest of Barça, always subject to a previous farewell Alves. At 27, Zabaleta knowledge of the Spanish League, where he played from 2005 to 2008, he became a professional football would know what was coming. The same goes for Barcelona, ​​where he met his partner.

Another detail is that nothing contemptible Zabaleta has a great relationship with FC Barcelona apparel heavyweights as Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano. Zabaleta debuted in the senior Argentina the same day that Leo, against Hungary in 2005 and three years later both and 'little chief' were Olympic champions.

What's more, the plan of the City this summer is to sell players for $ 240 million. For Zabaleta, Espanyol who bought 8 million, listen to offers .. (via MD)