19 May 2012

Barça launches 'Operation Thiago Silva'

The willingness of player to reach the Camp Nou plays in the best interests of the club Barcelonista.

Barça of Tito Vilanova team up the legacy left by Pep Guardiola, but not exactly the same. It is obvious, since the group needs to be strengthened and the Technical Secretariat is focused for months to find new pieces that can make a strong workforce. In fact, the very technical Santpedor already said weeks ago, when he still had not announced his future, "I am working on the next season."

Pep, despite mulling over continuity, not abandon even one of their functions, which is also to analyze the weak points that are less thereafter. For that reason the name of Thiago Silva while flowing through the offices of the technical secretariat and so the Brazilian center-back is one of the most convincing future at Barça. Not only Guardiola, but also his second, that next year will be the first and whose responsibility has grown since it was learned. Tito Vilanova has no problem when players interesting review for the team. Quite the contrary. Before joining the project Pep in Barça B, occupied the sporting of Terrassa. There confeccionaba reports and studying videos of possible reinforcements for the club Vallès. So his experience in this sector is large and although the demand has now grown, the opinion of Titus is vital for making the next squad.

Thiago Silva gets everyone agrees and is total unanimity when assessing the Brazilian center-back as the piece that best fit into the Blaugrana system. This is a player who is well passed it's strong on defense and has good ball out, all conditions necessary to wear Barça shirt. At least at present. The reports are excellent and the club has followed closely this season. The Brazilian pitted Pep Guardiola in the double confrontation of the group stage of the Champions League and could not do in the quarter-final tie to be injured. In the Camp Nou scored the equalizer in injury time.

Thiago Silva is the first in the list, and for that reason, Barça is willing to make substantial efforts to achieve their recruitment. The first offer, in fact, includes a figure from the club Blaugrana is considered more than enough for Milan to take it into account. Barça will make his first offer this week and it will state that is willing to pay up to 20 million euros for the player. Not only that. The club goes further and, in addition to cash, you also want to include one of their players in the operation. In this case, from the Camp Nou assesses various options with specific preferences, but not close ranks and also want to know the opinion of Milan in this regard.

The club blaugrana is aware that this is not a simple transfer. And is that Milan has always brought to Thiago Silva as one of the players who form the backbone of your project. In fact, Ibrahimovic and he routinely advertised as players who do not accept any offers or are prepared to start negotiation. But things change and it is dangerous to put his hand in the fire because at these levels there is a risk of burning. It can happen with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose agent, Mino Raiola, has flirted with Real Madrid, but also with the Brazilian center-back itself, which appeals to you, and much, the possibility of wearing Barça shirt and join the new project Tito Vilanova. It is precisely this, the strength of the club, which is very clear that one of the essential points to achieve their goal is to have the complicity of the player. In that sense, the Blaugrana club knows that Brazilian it attracts Barça.

Anyway, Thiago Silva, at present, player of Milan. The footballer, in fact, in May 2011 renewed its relationship with the Rossoneri and spent the end of their relationship in June 2014 to do so in June 2016, two more seasons. And that's the strength of the club Adriano Galliani, who is in charge in these matters. Barça is very clear that negotiations with the Italians will not, in any case easily. He admits that the most likely to be long and complicated. So much so that the sporting club blaugrana in no hurry and, except surprise, considering that his move is likely to continue with the League already begun at the end of August. The will of the player for a change of air play for the club, but Milan has plenty to say throughout the negotiation.

Thiago Silva is a highlight of his career. At 27 years old (turns 28 in September), must take one of the most important decisions of his life and, as he understood Barça, you've taken. And none other than dress blaugrana next season. The Brazilian wants to come and Tito Vilanova, who would coach wants to come. Now the work is dependent on others. (via SPORT)