18 May 2012

Barça contacts for Bale

The sports management must make a decision: either forget the crack or preparing a bid to rival the City and Real Madrid.

A few months ago, the environment of Gareth Bale confirmed that Barça had technicians monitored the evolution of the player in several meetings and had asked about the player's contract situation and outlook for the future. A first approximation and showed the interest of the club Catalans by the qualities of a player who makes a difference in the Premier League. Since then, the flirtations are common and the emergence of new clubs willing to sign Tottenham star is something recurrent.

But it is time to step forward. And Barça already has. In recent days, an emissary on behalf of the club Blaugrana have maintained direct contact with senior executives of Tottenham and the company that rules the destinies of Bale. The intention is not other than to see first hand the wishes of the English club and the footballer's claims. The answer is already in the possession of the sporting casts shadows.

Club sources have confirmed that Tottenham have expressed initial willingness to keep Bale in payroll next season. There is no desire to negotiate a way out. However, in White Hart Lane are aware of the brutal market pressure and not close to a possible transfer band millionaire. If there is no choice, the club will open the doors, but only after forming a major summer transfers. The emissary returned with FC Barcelona not an official appraisal defined, but did confirm that market rumors are partially right. That is, the interest of Manchester City is not a dead letter and its initial offer estimated at 50 million euros plus a spectacular bonus for advisers player i nothing to do with the 5% who used to offer Barça Do you weigh much in Tottenham's will. Part with a clear advantage in any type of auction.

The positive note directly contributes Gareth Bale. The English club and its chief representative, Jonathan Barnett, did not hide the versatile footballer welcomed the possibility of a change of scenery at the end of this season. The Welshman believes that their progression will be easier for another club and, if possible, in another championship. Here it is confirmed that Bale burns with desire to start a new adventure and the Spanish league is your favorite destination. Today, the Italian market lacks the resources to seduce the flagship Tottenham.

Barça tempting and all the evidence necessary to raise an offensive Bale if deemed appropriate. No formal offer to open negotiations, but the English club if you are current with the real economic options Blaugrana. At present two scenarios would arise: a closed financial offer could hardly reach 40 million euros and an alternative proposal more modest, about 30 `kilos but does a wide range of bonds. In short, a design similar to seduce allowed Udinese's Alexis Sánchez and economic pressure against Inter and the big clubs in the Premiership.

The board has to make a move without undue delay. The City is short, the consultant Jonathan Barnett and the environment are in favor of Bale perform a transfer while Tottenham is seen as complicated every day the desire to retain their star.

The operation is not sensed at all easy as it escapes the economic parameters that drive the current board. Bale, unlike Alexis and Cesc, has not spoken openly about his will and seems unwilling to force the machine for a particular squad.

Mou has not said the last word

Real Madrid do not lose detail on the future of Bale. The environment of the player confirmed that, like Barcelona has done, consultants on behalf of Mourinho's wishes have groped and Tottenham footballer. From the White House is silent but apparently have reached a tentative agreement to be fully informed of any proposal regarding Bale. (via SPORT)