22 May 2012

[Barça B] Seek a way out Rodri and Kiko Femenía

They were the two star signings subsidiary and the two cost 4.5 million, but have not been decisive.

nly three games remaining to finish the season in the Segunda Division A and the sporting already planning template Barça B for next year. Having ensured the continuity of Eusebio Sacristán coaching the team, Valladolid is setting next to the sports governing guidelines to follow and one of the priority issues to address are the cases of Rodri and Kiko Femenía.

The club has decided to hear the offers that come to agree a way out. In the winter market emerged options, but then decided to retain Eusebio fearing understatement of troops in a second round just as eternizándose the Second Division A.

The outlook now is very different. The entity Blaugrana have time to plan and both Kiko and Rodri have not provided the expected plus two players who had raised great expectations. Femenía has joined the group well, his attitude was always positive, but on the pitch has cost to acquire the necessary automation in a system as complex as Barça.

The Alicante has participated in 27 games, 20 starts, but only completed 90 minutes in two games. Kiko signed by three tremporadas, cost two million euros (plus 1.5 depending on incentives) and have the option to be free if you do not have information about the first team. The player must decide in this case, although you may want to remain connected to Barça and then gain confidence on loan at another club either first or one of the leaders of the Second Division.

The case of Rodri has different nuances. Its price was also high, 1.5 million, and Sevilla have rejected the option to repurchase two million euros, which also holds for summer 2013. Detract contract three seasons, has scored seven goals and has seen eleven yellow cards. The release also points out as the most viable. (via SPORT)