01 May 2012

[Barça B] The ostracism of Espinosa

The Talavera returned to training yesterday with the first team, but Eusebio still does not give ball at Barca B.

Javier Espinosa began the season excited about his new career at Barça B. From the juvenil, came to the Second Division with Rosell, Balliu and Gustavo. Of these, only Balliu is appearing regularly in the reserves after hatching in the first team.

Rosell and 'Guga' seem not to have to Eusebio Sacristán, since their participation is anecdotal. Not so for Javier Espinosa, with whom the coach has told Valladolid, although much less than expected. Moreover, in the latter half of season, his presence has even fallen. In the first 18 games he played a total of 587 minutes, while in the last 17 sum 365, a figure too low for a midfielder who fits perfectly in the Blaugrana game plan. Their presence is reduced to only 47 minutes in the last four games.

Eusebio and the footballer have spoken on occasion throughout the season, much more at first than in recent weeks. The coach always asked patience and keep working, even though the trust did not translate into minutes. Carmona and especially Riverola, have passed in front. Espinosa returned yesterday to train with the first team, something he has repeated several times this season, but his presence does not guarantee the greatest part of the eleven elected by Eusebio Sacristán. So much so that of Talavera de la Reina has started just nine of the 26 parties that participated in this season.

In addition, it has only finished two, so it has twice played the ninety minutes. And in both cases the result could not be better: the blaugrana thrashed 0-4 in Cartagena (September 4) and 1-4 in Alcoy (October 22). Of that ages ago. Other data exemplify how little account Eusebio: six of the 26 times he has played he has done less than ten minutes, while in another 17 it has less than 35 minutes. There are numbers to be happy, although Espinosa also under contract next season. Has been international sub 17 and sub 19 and from the first team to take care of it, although it does not translate into a greater presence at Barça B. (via SPORT)