17 May 2012

[Barça B; Liga Aderante; Week39] FC Barcelona B 1 - 2 Real Valladolid

The Barça B lost in the Miniestadi to a Valladolid, much higher after the break and has traced the initial goal of Carmona.

Great match which has seen tonight at the Miniestadi between Barça B and Valladolid, a team that has many options to play next season in the Primera Division. Despite the initial goal of Carmona, all coached by Miroslav Djukic has traced the marker and has taken all three points.

Although the match was at 10 pm Barça B players and Valladolid have not given any concession to the audience to sleep and have offered a pretty sight on the pitch. From the beginning the two sets have chosen to go on the attack and already at 2 min the azulgrana Rodri had the first chance to open the scoring after a failure of goalkeeper Jaime. Finally his cross shot is out touching the stick. Five minutes later a shot from Javi Guerra has saved Armando by sending the ball in a corner. Have been the clearest cases these first minutes that the azulgranas danger created by Rodri and Deulofeu, while Valladolid did everything on the left flank through the centers of Jofre Mateu and Javi Guerra, always very helpful in the area. The opportunity would be happening and could either ahead first. But it has not reached the goal in the first half, but has failed to score Deulofeu and the stroke of halftime. Starting in front speed just the play with a final shot with much merit Jaime stops.

After a closely fought first half, the second time a film has been completely different. Valladolid, who had to win in the Mini if I continue to aspire to the second place in the league that gives direct access to board first, has gone all out. It has been a constant attack from the Valladolid what has caused the team to step down and stop Eusebio conveniently make dangerous moves. With all the more squeezed the Valladolid goal azulgrana has come. It was 58 minutes when Rodri has endured the ball very well and before the arrival of Carmona has left him in the face for he scored. Despite going ahead Valladolid continued harassing the goal of Oier. Balliu saved on the goal line shot Jofre Mateu and 61 the referee annulled a goal Javi Guerra. Carmona, 70, was able to score the second in two days but James stopped the counterattack. And nine minutes later reached the target of Valladolid by Óscar, who has distanced himself very well for the defense to score the equalizer. And in 85, Good has made the winning goal at the exit of a corner. The azulgranas have not dropped their arms and sought the equalizer, but things have gone awry when the referee has rigorously expelled Jonathan dos Santos, who had recently entered, for a foul on Álvaro Rubio. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona B: Oier, Muniesa, Carmona (Riverola, 76’), Rodri (Dos Santos, 82’), Sergi Roberto, Sergi Gómez, Armando, Lobato, Deulofeu, Rafinha and Planas (Balliu, 45’)

Real Valladolid: Jaime, Marc Valiente, Rueda, Guerra (Manucho, 76’), Óscar (Nafti, 89’), Jofre Mateu (Bueno, 64’), Peña, Rubio, Sisi, Víctor Pérez and Balenciaga.

Goals: 1-0, Carmona (55’); 1-1, Óscar (79’); 1-2, Bueno (85’).

Referee: Sureda Cuenca