07 May 2012

Bale will force the machine if you want to sign for Barça

Barça assess the involvement of the player to want to just go to the Camp Nou when he bet heavily on.

Gareth Bale is on the list of transfers handled by the FC Barcelona to strengthen their squad ahead of next season, as reported Mundo Deportivo.

The Welsh full-back is a goal for Tottenham, which also depends on the possible outcomes that may occur and, above all, the implication that the player himself demonstrates for the project.

That is a premise to be extrapolated to all the player who is interesting for its footballing terms. It is what, in the club, known as 'via Mascherano'.

Looking back, just remember how he got the 'jefecito' to Barça, from Liverpool. The Argentina international was involved both in his signing two summers ago that ended up being almost a condition of transfer, to sacrifice part of their compensation so that the complicated negotiations between clubs came to fruition.

The same example of action brought Arsenal's Cesc Fàbregas and brought back to Barcelona. Eventually, Barça expects the same from Bale.

It's about self-esteem of club and international projection. In the Camp Nou means that today, for any player in the world, wearing a Barca shirt should be the maximum. And that is a value that should play into work and not against it.

What is clear is that in the current Barça not pull the boat out, or go crazy at auctions which can only endanger the economic stability of the club.

So that has transpired the last hours of a major offensive to take over Manchester City services Bale, not for nothing that approach varies from the Camp Nou.

There is talk of an offer from the club 'blue' to Tottenham to be around 50 million euros, plus the City would be willing to pay triple the costs charged by the Welsh player to White Hart Lane.

Therefore, in Barça technical plans are managed lists several names for each river. For Bale, it is Jordi Alba. So if the Welsh dreams of playing for culé, as is said, will get wet as it did Mascherano. (via MD)