10 May 2012

Bale will force his departure

The star of the Spurs seems to live his last days at White Hart Lane. The weight of the millions and the longing of the title to his door.

Gareth Bale has bare the margarita and sees its growth stage in the ranks of Tottenham has come to an end. After several months of reflection, the versatile left-hander would have concluded that the best for screening would go through a change of club at the end of the season. Indeed, from England ensures that the player would have already taken the plunge and had requested the directors of Tottenham to analyze all the offers that came to realize the best proposal for transfer.

Since last season, Gareth Bale is in the spotlight of the market. Their progress has been spectacular football and his ability to function in every position of the left one player make it palatable to any of the big European clubs. However, Welsh has remained true to the technician Harry Redknapp and the repeated promises of a strong economic investment can turn to Tottenham on a team with serious options to the Premiership and Champions League. This has not happened. The team not only has long stood dismounted in the fight for the league title but also has always been to limit the places that give access to the future edition of the Champions League.

Bale wants more and is willing to fight for it. It has maintained an exemplary attitude to date and do not want sterile polemics in the time of his farewell. The Welshman wants to leave through the front door and leaving a fortune into the coffers of White Hart Lane, a club which incidentally also has a special need for money.

Manchester City not give you the same, but has conveyed its position to all games involved. Bale, Tottenham and all clubs have been interested in the Welsh you know your starting point. The City is willing to overcome many tendered. It's not chatter, as an appetizer and to frighten timid suitors, several agents have confirmed that it would have raised an initial figure of 50 million euros. This is not a token amount, since in his day was the minimum price output tasaron Tottenham executives.

These figures are not surprising and handling at the Camp Nou. Barça is aware of 50 million euros from City and a number well above 10% of this amount in fees that would go into the hands of Stellar Group, the company advises the player. In short, the output operation Bale designed with the millions of the City could amount to more than 60 million euros.

This amount is considered unattainable in Barça. The club will fight back with weapons that have allowed him to tie in recent years players like Mascherano, Alexis and Cesc. The club blaugrana in the first instance need to know if Bale really wants to be part of the current sporting project and if you are able to put pressure on Tottenham to force his approach to Barça. Renunciation and sacrifice for a team and a system that has seduced the world in recent seasons. It remains to disclose whether Welsh is the work of following the example of other famous players or want to continue in the Premier as part of a team full of stars to hit book.

And all this, Tottenham want to avoid the speculation game. Redknapp did not go away to England and no one rules out that the club is able to convince Bale with a new promise of reinforcements and results.

In early season, when it opened the door to a possible departure of Bale, Real Madrid also was interested in the services of left-handed player. There were contacts with Stellar Group and error with Tottenham, but Florentino Perez, Mourinho and company know they must wait their turn, like the rest.

The player's agent, Jonathan Barnett, was just doing his paper and notice that it is a reinforcement of luxury for any team in the world. (via SPORT)