11 May 2012

Bale wants to sign for Barça but do not let him

Bale is crazy about music, but the Spurs refuse to put a price.

If Barça wants to sign the Welshman Gareth Bale for the next season is going to have to slog. Tottenham are unwilling to let him go, or to Barça or any other club, and has already made ​​it clear that is not for sale.

The club barcelonista winger asked for left-handed and the London club even put a price on your answer. Is history repeating itself in recent years with Arsenal and Cesc Fàbregas, who although had a happy ending had to work it for several seasons.

Bale's crazy to come to Barça. Knowing the interest of the club azulgrana, dreams of playing alongside Messi from next season. However, given the position of his club, if they want to finish azulgrana Bale will have no choice but to exert pressure similar to that made Cesc at Arsenal or reduce their claims to the club to improve their offerings, as did Alexis to leave Udinese.

Tottenham not only want to sell their star player, but he did not even put a price when Barça asked. The same response team will receive any requests for money, such as the Manchester City, club that has admitted to being willing to pay 50 million euros for the Welsh.

Bale is one of the favorite players for barcelonistas how to reinforce the left-back defense. Really like for many reasons. His arrival, among other things, would shift the burden of attacking play on the wings to the left.

During the past four years, Alves has guaranteed the right an enormous offensive potential and on the left are more limited offensive joys. If Alves leave the club this summer, that chance was shuffled, Bale would compensate for the loss and right side could bet for more than containment.

The key to this powerful one day wear carrileropueda azulgrana back on patience. Bale wants to improve their sports signing for a club with aspirations and dreams Tottenham continue to improve its potential. The player's attitude will be crucial, but so far has been doing their part to put what had no effect. (via MD)