18 May 2012

Bale: Tottenham calls 45 million

Barça is not willing to pay that amount, but it gives up its recruitment.
It is ideal for its versatility on the left and the club will work with patience.
Welsh is expected to make a gesture to allow the operation cheaper.

Aware of the will of Gareth Bale of abandoning the club and of the resolved interest of FC Barcelona in being made with their services, Tottenham has appraised him with a high price: 45 million euros. The lefty Welsh carrilero that equal can play of full-back that of winger, has contract up to 2015 with those 'Spurs' that in the hypothetical case of it turns forced to sell their star they have clear that will be in an economic very beneficial operation for its treasury.

The club azulgrana known as the high financial claims Tottenham and is not willing to pay 45 million euros or even to approach a similar number. But that does not mean to give up his engagement, just the opposite. The Barça sports management understands that Bale is a need for quality play football, physical power and predictable progression, since only 22 (turns 23 in July).

The Abidal lower for indefinite period due to liver transplant requires Barça to strengthen the left wing. Among the options, no better than a complete player who has finished the season with 15 goals from all competitions, three of them with the selection of Wales, for his modesty he would squeeze unless other internationals in the calendar. The 'FIFA virus' in principle affect you less.

But for White Hart Lane debase those 45 million, the club azulgrana is confident that Bale be involved in the negotiations following the example of Mascherano, in 2010 to leave Liverpool and Cesc Fèbregas in 2011 to leave Arsenal. This road passes through pressure on the club making clear the firm decision to sign with Barça, which could reduce the cost of operation or sacrifice part of their salaries for the club azulgrana is close to that amount to a request from Tottenham. Mascherano and Cesc well acted, with their nuances in both operations.

Although the name of Madrid has reappeared in the last few hours as possible and dangerous bidder Barça reassured that the interest of Manchester City, an economically very dangerous opponent in any negotiations, for any player, has been declining steadily, a fact that could indicate that Bale has informed him the new champion of the Premier League if Tottenham would be just to play at Barça.

It may also be important what happens tomorrow night in Munich in the Champions League final between Bayern and Chelsea. If the London club conquered the trophy, snatch the square prior to the main European competition has earned Tottenham in the Premier with his fourth. And Bale, crazy about playing in a club that aspires to great titles, and advanced in his day he can not conceive not to contest the Champions League next season.

With very little chance of qualifying for Wales to play a European Championship or a World Cup tournament needs the great European clubs to enjoy a top-level experience as a player, an experience that will guarantee Barça itself. (via MD)